There are several ways to partner with the Brooklyn Peace Center. First, some partner organizations share space. The Center’s office is an open concept design with a conference room for meetings and counseling. The sanctuary and balcony are available for larger events. Second, we are interested in collaborating with like-minded people and organizations to leverage resources and build power within the community toward peacebuilding. And, third, we are interested in exploring other ways we might partner with you and your organization.

New York Mennonite Immigration Program

New York Mennonite Immigration Program provides services in the following areas: naturalization, family petition, replace/renew green card, advance parole, adjustment of status, as well as know-your-rights education, trauma care, and personal and family care referrals.

Pathways to Dignity is an NYMIP resource for immigrant families and their friends. Our mission is to provide direct services, care and referrals with dignity, compassion and excellence. This program is for immigrant families who need a resource network as they navigate the legal system and provisional care for dignity and stability.

Radical Living

Radical Living is an asset-based community organization (501c3) that aims to build community around food, sustainable practices, and green spaces by supporting resident-led efforts to increase healthy food options, educate residents about their role in the food system, and reconnect residents to food, earth, and each other.

Radical Living provides a garden-to-table youth program every summer. Visit the website to learn more.

Brooklyn Peace Church logo


Believers Mennonite Garifuna Ministries, a peace church from Belize, meets for worship every Sunday afternoon.

Brooklyn Peace Church is a new congregation that has begun to form and who will host services on Sunday mornings.


Peace Café & Thrift Store

Brooklyn Peace Center’s social enterprises, a café and thrift store, aim to launch in 2022. The café and thrift store will provide great coffee and other items for sale, employment opportunities for the local community, and a space for community building.